Solid Modeling & Texture Mapping Tutorials for Alice 2.2

Tutorials for Alice 2.2

by Travis East

Digital Storytelling

CNIT 590

Purdue University

You will need Adobe Acrobrat Reader or other PDF viewer to open the tutorials on this page.

Prerequisite : Knowledge of image editing & Alice

Altering Texture Maps in Alice Models

Required Software : WinZip/Zipeg, Alice, Adobe Photoshop (or other graphics software)

Prerequisite : Graphic of your school or company logo & general knowledge of Alice

Making Your School Logo 3D

Required Software : AutoDesk 3DsMax, Alice

Prerequisite : General knowledge of 3D design & Alice

Designing a Simple Amusement Park Ride

Required Software : AutoDesk 3DsMax, Alice

Prerequisite : Free Registration to & general knowledge of Alice

Downloading Free 3D Models from TurboSquid

Required Software : AutoDesk 3DsMax, Firefox, Alice

Prerequisite : General Knowledge of AutoDesk MudBox is helpful, but not required

Texture Mapping Models from Solid Modeling Software

Required Software : AC3D and/or AutoDesk 3DsMax, Maya, Mudbox, Alice

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