Manufacturing Systems provides students with an introduction to manufacturing technology and its relationship with society, individuals, and the environment. Understanding is developed through the study of the two major technologies used by all manufacturing enterprises — material processing and
management technology. This allows them to study engineered materials plus the primary and secondary processes used to convert raw materials into finished products. Students will learn to develop 2D assembly drawings using programs like AutoCAD and 2D Design.
During the second semester of manufacturing, students will develop, produce, use, and assess production technology. Research and development, production, and marketing techniques are reviewed. Students will produce products using 3D design software such as Pro/Desktop and AutoDesk Inventor. Students will explore the role that automation has in manufacturing and gain an understanding of the fundamental aspects of programming. Students will get experience with basic manufacturing techniques such as forming, molding, and separating. Students will also design, produce and market products using computer controlled equipment such as a CNC router and a vinyl decal cutter. To view a promotional video of this course, click here.