Construction students begin the course by studying the underlying framework of the system, including the processes and procedures used in industry. Students also learn about the various constraints placed upon the design of structures for both residential and industrial construction. Because structures in our society often require modification, renovation, and maintenance, part of the curriculum focuses on common home improvement topics such as basic electrical, plumbing, framing, and concrete. Also during the first semester, students design simple structures using architectural drawing software and build a scale model of the structure using their drawing. The first semester concludes with a study of what is involved in being a general contractor and the organization/scheduling of a construction project.

During second semester, students will study concrete and masonry, wood and wood composites, metals, insulation, interior surfaces, roofing, and flooring. Students will also be able to demonstrate the use of adhesives and mechanical fasteners in construction and learn to safely operate common tools and equipment of construction. The students in will conclude their study of construction with the development of a bill of materials and use it to layout and build an 8x8 garden shed. To view a promotional video for this course, click here.