Computers in Design and Production

Computers in Design and Production is an advanced course that focuses on the application of production technology. Students transfer their ideas from storyboards to the computer in the production of both 2D and 3D animation. Students learn basic graphic design as well as video/camera techniques to bring actual collaborative products to life. The first semester is intended to prepare the student for the production of the annual senior video. Students will design advertisements and begin brainstorming ideas for the video. Students will learn to use both linear and non-linear video production and interview & camera techniques in addition to DVD menu authoring. Students are required to gather 5 minutes of video each month to bring content to the Senior Video.
Students in second semester will collect and edit the footage gathered in the first semester and gather new footage for inclusion. Students will interview seniors, use both iMovie and Final Cut Express to edit video, and use advanced software such as Adobe AfterEffects, and Carrara Studio to create effects for the intro and credits. Students will develop the DVD case cover and DVD label, create commercials, and market the product both in and out of school with flyers and Senior Video T-shirts designed and produced by the students. Students will the gather all the various segments and author the DVD in DVD Studio Pro. The students will also handle sales and distribution of the product to the senior class. To view a promotional video for this course, click here.